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EXTRA Edition of the Communion Press: 3-15-13

1. Moorlach Family “Farewell Fiesta” (3/15)
--> 5PM to Midnight at the Moorlachs’ home in AH
--> Details at this Facebook link:

2. Your King is Coming! @ Calvary Pres (3/17)
--> RevK teaches Sunday School @ 10AM; Preaches @ 11AM in Glendale

3. RevK Accepts Call to TN
--> Read the Letter of Acceptance
4. Receive the “Jubilee Life”
--> Weekly emails from Jubilee Presbyterian:
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1.  You’re receiving an open invitation for a southern “Drop In,” at the home of the Moorlachs of Anaheim Hills from 5PM to Midnight.  We’ll have light fare, old youth group photos, pictures of our new church in Tennessee, a campfire, and wholesome Christian fellowship!  (Maybe we’ll even heat up the spa!) Please join us!

2.  As we approach Palm Sunday, we’ll discuss the stunning contrast of the “Triumphal Entry” through the gates of Jerusalem, as the throngs welcome Messiah Jesus; this, against the shadows of the crucifixion of the “blaspheming King of the Jews” outside the walls of Jerusalem – all within one weeks time.  Please join us for conversation at Sunday School and proclamation during the Sunday Service at Calvary Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Glendale.

 "To the saints at Richland Presbyterian Church (ARP),

We would like to express our humble gratitude to you for reaching out -- all the way to California -- to call our family to unite with you in ministry in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!  Recalling our visit with you, we were encouraged to witness your graciousness, love, and devotion to the Kingdom of God.   Your Session and Pulpit Committee impressed us with their maturity in faith, their devotion of time and talent to the church, and most importantly their commitment to rely on the Holy Spirit in all their efforts.  Throughout this process, they have expressed their confidence and dependence upon God’s leading and timing in calling a minister who would shepherd the flock at Richland.  Our meetings with representative members of the Mississippi Valley Presbytery also confirmed our impressions about the sincerity of the Richland congregation in desiring to advance His Kingdom.

In dependence upon our sovereign Lord’s leading, I am writing to express my sincere desire to accept and faithfully discharge the call to ministry as the teaching elder of Richland Presbyterian Church.  I recognize that this call is indeed a holy trust established by the means in which Jesus Christ rules His Church.  Therefore, it brings me great joy and satisfaction to know that I will be able to serve our blessed Savior as I serve with and among you.

Being well satisfied with the terms of the call, it is our family’s intent to move and settle in the Millington area as soon as the Lord will allow. We ask for your earnest prayers, that the Lord will accompany our plans with His favor so that we may begin to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and devote ourselves to His commission of making disciples of all nations.

It is our immediate plan to visit Richland the first week of March as I will be seeking to transfer my credentials from the Northeast Presbytery to the Mississippi Valley Presbytery.  We look forward to enjoying a few days of fellowship with you before we officially join your church family sometime before May.  
May the peace of Christ rule our hearts as He grants us His grace,

Rev. Kent Moorlach
Stephanie, Justus, Faith, and Xara

4.  RevK and family are presently attending Jubilee Presbyterian Church in
Irvine; however RevK is also available for preaching assignments in the SoCal area  (See entry # 1). Learn more about Jubilee Presbyterian by receiving their weekly, Jubilee Life email. Contact the pastor to receive these updates on Jubilee Pres!

5. Thanks, News, links, Announcements...

5a. Listen to the latest pod-cast of RevK and friends discussing the Westminster Shorter Catetechism:
Also available on iTunes: [Search for “,” and look to the side bar for options!]

5b. RevK will also be preaching a final message in Southern California (as far as is
presently scheduled) at Covenant Presbyterian in Orange on April 7:

5c. As we are nearing the end of our “Extra Editions” of the Communion Press, the Moorlach family wishes to extend unmeasured amounts of gratitude to all of our extended family of fellow believers.  We have been richly blessed in every possible way by your love and support.  We will greatly miss and cherish all that God has done in and through you.  We look forward to even brighter days as we together seek the Kingdom of God. Thank you!

5d. Listen to recent Communion Presbyterian sermons online! Visit us at the following site: Or, access many of our past messages archived here: Please visit and let others know about the Bible teaching available online!


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